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Cheshire Make-Up Artist Tips - The Best Mascara To Use

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Many of my Cheshire Makeup clients often ask me, what's the best mascara to use? My response is consistently:

The Makeup brush is absolute key

Always go by the brush – which one are you? If you google mascara wands or brushes there are so many to choose from and it can get confusing. The best way to narrow them down is generally putting them into 4 categories:

Big – volumising/lengthening

Small – defining with precision

Hourglass – does everything! Lengthens, curls, defines, volumises, lifts

Curve – this has a curve shape to the brush which enables you to curl every lash on your upper lash line.

The big brushes are great for lengthening and adding volume. These tend to be my favourite along with the hourglass brush for a night out as I have very fine and short lashes so I need all the help I can get! Whereas some of you ladies may try to avoid too much drama, especially for a clean daytime look. The smaller slimmer brushes are great for this and just focus on precision and defining without clumping.

An example of 2 great mascaras with different brushes that work really well are the Maybeline ‘Great Lash’ mascaras. As you can see there are 2 types of brushes, the original Great Lash for precise defining and the Big Great Lash for Voluminising and lengthening. Every makeup artist I know has both of these mascaras in their kit because they are amazing, clump free and so reasonable in price!

An example of an hourglass brush and my all-time favourite mascara is definitely the ‘Better Than Sex’ by Two Faced – it does everything! Lengthens, curls, defines, volumises and really lifts and coats each lash dramatically – love this!!

Here is a list of some of my favourites out there:-

Better Than Sex by Two Faced – it does everything! Lengthens, curls, defines, volumises

Benefit mascaras Bad Gal Bang or They’re real – defining

Benefit – Roller Lash - curling

Maybeline Great Lash - defining

Maybeline Big Great lash – volumising/lengthening

Clarins Wonder perfect 4D - volumising/lengthening

Dior Show - volumising/lengthening

Eyelash Primers

These work wonders if you want extra length and thickness to your lashes. I always use a primer underneath my mascara for this. The best primer on the market in my opinion is the Code FFL primer. You can get this on amazon or all the main beauty websites.

Want to transform your lashes? Do you struggle with short, fine or straight lashes?

Try this amazing technique….

1. Start by using a black waterproof kohl eyeliner – the ‘Blinc’ range are fantastic.

2. Line your upper waterline using this liner (your upper water line is right underneath your upper lash line so you will need to use your fingertip to stretch your upper lashes upwards)

3. Next curl your lashes using eyelash curlers

4. Now apply your eyelash primer generously to your lashes applying from the root to the tip.

5. Finally apply your mascara immediately after your primer. I always apply 2 coats, then comb the lashes through with an eyelash comb if required.

VOILA! Beautiful long luscious lashes! Hooray!

You can of course let me show you how to apply to your lashes in the perfect way with a lesson from your number one Warrington makeup artist.

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