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Cheshire Wedding Makeup - Skincare Tips For Brides

Skincare tips

Cheshire Bridal Makeup

If you’re a Cheshire bride-to-be, can I start by saying a huge congratulations and that I am so excited for you!!

As your day approaches you need your skin at its most amazing. One of the best ways to prep your skin is ensuring the skin is fully hydrated, plump and glowing, ready for your wedding makeup to just glide on. Therefore it is essential that you treat your skin to the very best hydrating products for your big day.


I always meet brides to be that over exfoliate their skin. Try to avoid this as you are creating problems and causing over sensitivity, stripping the skin of essential oils. Just follow this guideline:

For normal/combination skin, I would recommend exfoliating your skin once per week.

For dry flaky skin 1-2 times per week

For oily skin 2-3 times per week

Try following this skincare routine twice per day - morning and night.

Step 1 - I would start by ensuring you are not stripping your skin of essential oils in anyway, so ensure you take your make up off using a micellar water with soft cotton pads – always avoid makeup wipes at all costs! They are full of stripping agents and generally terrible for your skin. Also ensure you use a separate eye makeup remover. Micellar water does advertise that you can use this to remove eye makeup but to protect that delicate skin around your eyes I always suggest an oil based eye makeup remover. Nivea do a great one and it’s so reasonable in price, you can get if rom all the main supermarkets so really convenient too.

Step 2 – exfoliate if you need to, using soft circular motion all over the face. Always avoid the delicate eye area.

Step 3 - you still need to cleanse your skin, keeping your pores squeaky clean. I always recommend cleansing twice, so even though your micellar water or foaming wash is a cleanser, still use something creamy to the skin. This will put back any moisture lacking in the skin – your cleanser is just as important as your moisturiser. If you really want to treat to yourself before the big day, I would highly recommend the Elemis range – the Cleansing face balm is just incredible. It also has collagen in it so it will really plump up your skin in all the right places. It’s a real treat, smells amazing and basically it’s like giving your skin a huge drink! I always recommend using this as a mask at least once a week. When you do this, apply to your face and neck generously, jump into the bath and let it work its magic with the steam for 10 minutes….works wonders!

Step 4 – if over 30 years old, I would recommend an eye cream. Apply delicately under the eye area, using a sweeping motion - aiming to use the equivalent amount of eye cream as a grain of rice per eye. A little bit goes a long way and you want to avoid using too much, otherwise tiny white spots form around the eye area.

Step 5 – now apply your serum – I would recommend a daytime serum and a night time serum with retinol for anyone over the age of 35. Retinol is very sensitive to sunlight so it’s imperative you use this as part of your night time routine only.

Step 6 – now apply your moisturiser – day cream for the morning, Night cream for the evening.

Step7 – finally always apply a lip balm, even if your lips are not dry. Your lips are the main part of your face to show dehydration. If you have very dry flaky skin on your lips, try using a spare toothbrush (kids toothbrushes are great as they are so soft) and gently brush away and exfoliate any dead skin cells. Now apply your balm and it will transform your lips ready for your lipstick.

The Vaseline intensive lip care is fantastic to get your lips wedding day ready!

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