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Cheshire Make-Up Artist Tips - The best way to apply foundation

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Whether it’s using your fingertip or a variation of makeup tools or brushes, the key to good application is following one golden rule – the lightest touch. You should be applying it very softly and lightly with your technique. Avoid making the mistake of applying too much foundation at once, start with a small amount then build it up. After practice you will do this quickly and efficiently without thinking. A lot of people make the mistake of applying a large amount of foundation and blending it into the face roughly and then panicking there is too much on! They have to start again or attempt to fix the mistake. It’s less time and effort to start with a small amount and build this up gradually.

Beauty Blenders

There are a number of beauty blenders on the market now in all different shapes and sizes! I am a massive fan of the beauty blender and find your foundation/concealer always looks flawless when used correctly. I would highly recommend a smaller egg shape size blender for blending underneath the eye area and also around the nose. The smaller shape blenders get in all the tiny spaces and under the lower lash line beautifully. Always wet the blender with water before use and really squeeze it beforehand so it’s a little damp. This helps to keep the skin hydrated and it will allow your concealer or foundation to glide on effortlessly. The technique you are aiming for is dabbing onto the skin softly and using a quick dabbing motion. Try to use a small amount of concealer/foundation and build this up gradually. Don’t forget to blend along the jaw line, near the ears and especially around the hairline. Sometimes your blender may have a flat side and this part of the blender is always great for these areas. The regular shape blenders also work great too though, so either is good. You also need to ensure you are blending near the eyebrow area and between the eyes. I also blend concealer onto the eyelids giving them a nice base using the smaller size blender.

Cleaning your blenders

Always ensure you clean and sterilise your blenders to avoid breakouts. The best way to do this is to pop them into a little washbag, ensure the bag is secure and put it into the washing machine. You can use a touch of washing powder/liquid or if you have extra sensitive skin just wash on a warm wash. After they have been washed, use a surgical spirit to spray them, killing any germs or contamination. I just buy surgical spirit from any chemist and put this into an empty spray bottle. It’s a great way to keep all your makeup tools and brushes germ free – which is great at the moment as we know!

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